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January 20, 2009
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I've just started to use mediaportal and although it took a bit of time getting everything working i really love it. I have got a question though i'm hoping someone can help me with.

I listen to a lot of MP3's. Ideally i'd like to upmix them to 5.1 and then direct the audio to front left/right and rear left/right, basically so i don't have to switch decoders on the amp when i switch between video and audio on mediaportal (currently it decodes mp3's as prologic and directs most of the audio through the centre which sounds naf).

After some teething problems ac3 works great with movies/dvd's etc. I've tried selecting upmixing to 5.1/7.1 using the BASS engine in mediaportal and also playing around with FFDSHOWS audio decoding but just can't seem to get it happening, anyone had any success?



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  • November 22, 2006
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    I used a club3d theatron sound card with DDLive/DTS Connect Feature. Activated this soundcards will output everything in DD or DTS. Advantage: you can change the volume even for ac3. Disadvantage: Every stereo source will be 5,1 DD/DTS. I like to listen to music as it is ment to, stereo. Therefore i changed the soundcard back to onboard sound.

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