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May 26, 2009
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I worked on mvCentral a little. Added clearart and optimized the videoOSD a bit. It is nearly finished but I still have one question:
I want to show "Artist - Album Title". The "-" shall only be displayed if the video has album data. Otherwise it would show. e.g. "Nightwish - ".
According to I want to use
#Play.Current.mvAlbum Set to the Album name the track is from or blank in no assoicated album
So I tried with
<label>#Play.Current.mvArtist #(iif(string.equals(#Play.Current.mvAlbum,''), '', '-')) #Play.Current.mvAlbum</label>
but the hyphen is always shown even if there is no album. I also tried with
but the result is the same.

Is my syntax wrong or am I missing something different?



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    @ixdvc: I moved your post to here, as I think it will get some more attention.. I hope that's fine with you!

    But really nice you're re-working the skinfiles for mvcentral.. I made a begin with it myself too, but I will wait to see what you've created, and add it to a next version of TITANIUS.. If you like, you can upload your skinfiles you've made to the topicstart, so I can take a look into it. :)


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    May 26, 2009
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    No problem. I also thought about aksing the question here. I have attached the files above. My question was regarding to videoOSD.xml.

    And what do you do to reload modified xml files in MePo? Most plugins screens reload when you leave the window and enter it again. But videoOSD was only reloaded after restarting MePo in my tests. And the wiki link to MyRefresh ( seems quite old.

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