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Sorry if this has been asked, but im looking for something that I can hook up to my media portal pc and have a coax output that I can send the video and sound thought a channel (channel 6, or any other) thought my house and watched on any TV in the house.


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  • February 16, 2005
    If you want the output of media portal to appear as a regular TV channel you need to feed the TV output and the sound output of your MP machine into a UHF modulator. You plug the regular coax into the input and then feed that to all the other tvs. It is important that you get a UHF and not VHF modulator. UHF outputs around channel 30 (ish) while VHF ones output to channel 1,2 or 3.
    If you get a VHF model then all the other tv channels will not work when it is turned on.

    The best example of this is with VCR's. Remember when the early models had a TV/VCR switch? they used VHF. The new ones use UHF and are always available along with the regular channels.

    Hope I explained this ok :)

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