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  • May 21, 2008
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    Hi Guys,

    I have started getting an error message popping up on my MP Client. This only happens when trying to watch live TV and it says "Not enough disk space". Does this mean not enough space on the client or the server?? I am also using RAM disk on the server for timeshifting and have increased this from 1Gb to 2Gb, but the message still appears - is 2Gb too small for timeshift buffering??

    I can post logs, just let me know which are suitable (client/server)

    Many thanks.



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  • September 1, 2008
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    Hi there

    The message refers to space on the server. The default timeshifting settings allow TV Server to create a maximum of 20 256MB files. This adds up to adds up to 5120MB (~5 GB) so 2GB is definitely not enough unless you have lowered the maximum number of files. The default *minimum* is ~1.5GB...


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  • May 21, 2008
    Bolton, Lancashire, England
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    Thanks for that MM. I'm tempted to put more RAM in there as I have two slots spare, I may get another 4Gb - I'll have to see what the mobo supports as I don't want to go back to Timeshifting on the HDD.



    EDIT: Mobo supports up to 16Gb memory


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    August 10, 2007
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    AW: Live TV Error - "Not Enough Disk Space"

    Did you check your settings where Timeshift is stored?
    Each tuner card can have its own directory where to store timeshift, so this could also be a problem.

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