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August 13, 2005
Area: Media Portal Program
MP Version: 1.3
Skin: BlueTwo
Windows Version: Windows XP, Home, SP2
CPU Type: Athlon 1.6
Memory: 512
Motherboard Chipset: Gigabyte KT400
Video Card: Gigabyte Radian 9200
Video Card Driver:
Video Card Resolution: 800x600
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: Elecard MPEG2 video decoder
Audio Codec Type & Version: Elecard Audio decoder
TV Card: type of TV card, hauppauge PVR 150
TV Card Type: software / hardware / DVB
TV Card Driver:

Synopsis: I got just about everything working (on old driver off my instillation CD for hauppauge), but my live TV picture would suddenly degrade after a while, or else next time I logged into MP. I tried just about everything, downloaded the latest microsoft patches, and new codecs, but still my Live TV would die. So I downloaded the latest drivers for haupauges web site. They work fine for WinTV2000, but as soon as I go into MediaPortal's Live TV I get a blank screen, and no sound. Then if I try and go into WinTV2000 again - it has no picture or sound! NOTE: If I then rebbot WinTV2000 starts working again

P.S: I have had a hellish time with the hauppauge drivers, are there any more robust cards around (I do like the IR blaster through)


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July 5, 2005
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i have the same with a hauppauge PVR500 tuner installed release 0.1.3. en 0.2 RC1 both with CVS Update and without. i tryd also difrent drivers.
who can help!!!!


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  • February 23, 2005
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    soreluel - Please let us know how your setup works after you have changed your codecs per FlipGer's suggestion.



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    August 13, 2005
    OK Thanks for the tip... will try some other codecs tonight... I have made a little progress, did a complete reinstall of windows, and used my origonal hauppauge drivers. Now MP works for intermitent periods for live TV, but other times crashes horribly (just closes, and task bar is gone).

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