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February 22, 2013
Great Britain (UK) Great Britain (UK)
New to aMPdroid and loving it so far, but three little issues for me to iron out...

1) When trying to watch recorded shows, aMPdroid doesn't find any (there are a number of them on the server), instead just a blank screen showing "Loading Recordings....." ad infinitum.

2) Streaming videos or live TV is sometimes a little choppy, and I read in several posts here to try "UNC paths" instead. Doing this on my MePo server/client setup helped enormously, once I'd found the hidden setting, but I can't find any such setting in aMPdroid - can someone point the way?

3) try as I might I can't get aMPdroid to stream my MP3 music - it continually seems to try and load MP3s as if they were video files, then predictably fails. Anyone?

If I'm supposed to have attached logs, forgive me, as I can't find an option for that on aMPdroid.


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  • December 2, 2011

    1) Since your setup is Client/Server, have you manually setup Ampdroid clients with three different ports for Wifiremote/Tv/Media? Are the ports open on all your firewalls? Clean reboot after changes were made?

    2) I do not believe the path setting is in Ampdroid, The path is picked up from your server. I was successful using an external player ( MX Player Pro ) and the VLC codecs to eliminate the choppiness. If you decide an try MX player, turn on the video hardware decoder in settings. I tried three different android devices and all worked great. ( HTC Amaze, Nexus 7 and Lenovo K1 )

    3) sorry, no clue.

    Good luck

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