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July 8, 2011
Hey Fellas,

Been using Moving Pictures with MP 1.2 for awhile. Lately now when I open up MP and click Watch Movies, Theirs a loading bar now that takes maybe a minute to finish loading before I can browse my movies. Says something about initialization. Used to be able to get to my list of movies within milliseconds. Any idea why it may be taking so long now? Or way this loading screen pops up?

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  • March 10, 2006
    Did you at anytime enable dynamic actors or anything to that order in MovPic config?

    That's the only obvious thing I can think off, because you did not provide your movingpictures.log file (and mediaportal.log might be needed as well) that contains exactly the reason for your problem. You do need to set MediaPortal log verbosity mode to 'debug' then, so the log files contain the info needed to resolve your issue. And of course you need to recapture the problem so that the log files actually show what is going wrong. But it sounds like that part is at least easy for you with just launching MediaPortal, opening MovPic, wait for list to load and then close MediaPortal.


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  • March 10, 2006
    Ok, so from your log files, the following info becomes clear:

    You have MovPic scraper-debug mode enabled, which is only needed when you are assisting scraper-script developers with issues. It adds a CONSIDERABLE amount of logging to everything that can severly slow things down if you have a slow system. So switch that off and you can even use MediaPortal info debug verbosity if you prefer to get the most speed. It is only when you experience serious issues that you switch it back to 'debug' mode, and reproduce the problem.

    To disable MovPic scraper-debug mode, use: http://code.google.com/p/imdbplus/wiki/WikiInstallScraper

    The other things log file reveal is:

    #1. You have alot of tasks that still needed to be completed by MovPic, so entering the plugin very quick once MediaPortal is still 'starting', can indeed lead to delays.

    17-Dec-2012 02:41:48  Warn [MovingPicturesSkinSe]: No "IsViewAvailable" skin setting for CATEGORIES view.
    17-Dec-2012 02:41:48 Debug [        MovieBrowser]: CurrentView: CATEGORIES
    17-Dec-2012 02:41:48  Info [  MovingPicturesGUI]: GUI Initialization Complete
    17-Dec-2012 02:41:48  Info [  MovingPicturesCore]: Starting Background Processes...
    17-Dec-2012 02:41:48  Info [MediaInfoUpdateProce]: Begining background media info update process.
    17-Dec-2012 02:41:48  Info [UpdateArtworkProcess]: Beginging artwork updater background process.
    17-Dec-2012 02:41:48  Info [  MovingPicturesCore]: Building search index...

    There were movies imported at the same time, or imported before that still have missing data/artwork that require updating, that caused a delay. Which brings up next point.

    #2. You have some files that do not sit well with your MediaInfo.DLL that you are using (or lack thereof). A newer 32-bit DLL can be downloaded from the MediaInfo SourceForge website and just update the file in your MediaPortal root folder.

    17-Dec-2012 02:41:59 Error [    MediaInfoWrapper]: MediaInfo processing failed ('MediaInfo.dll' may be missing): Thread was being aborted.
    17-Dec-2012 02:41:59  Info [    DatabaseManager]: Closing database connection...
    17-Dec-2012 02:41:59 Debug [        DBLocalMedia]:  System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.
      at MediaPortal.Plugins.MovingPictures.LocalMediaManagement.MediaInfoWrapper..ctor(String strFile)
      at MediaPortal.Plugins.MovingPictures.LocalMediaManagement.VideoFormatExtensions.GetMediaInfo(VideoFormat self, String videoPath)
      at MediaPortal.Plugins.MovingPictures.Database.DBLocalMedia.UpdateMediaInfo(Boolean mountImage)

    Other then that I see you entered MovPic plugin at:

    17-Dec-2012 02:41:49 Debug [ MovieBrowser]: SelectedNode changed: ${AllMovies}

    And at:

    17-Dec-2012 02:41:50 Debug [ MovieBrowser]: SelectedNode changed: ${Certification}

    You already changed it. Now 1sec might still be too slow for some users, but the only way to make that go any faster is to use SSD and/or faster CPU.

    Unless of course your issue wasn't captured in the log, or I'm overlooking it on what you mean.
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