Local grabber for basic Video Database !? (1 Viewer)


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February 2, 2011
Germany Germany
i have a directory with 80 films in it (each video in one seperate dir with cover and nfo-file).
how is it possible to import these nfo/cover into the basic video database of mepo ?

for my cinema-movies i use the movpic plugin, of course ;-)
but i dont want my german tv-productions here so i want them to integrate in the video database of mepo.
but here are only online grabber available. i dont want to grab the infos, i allready have them. is there a local grabber or any other workaround?

any ideas !?

I have these movies now imported into movpic and could solve my plan with the filtering options - PERFECT.
however i would like to know if there is a local grabber for the Video Database.

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