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March 22, 2008
Hi all,
Love this plugin!!!!

I do have 1 question though......
How can i position the logo's (hd, sound,16:9 etc.) so they are the bottom right of the screen? (the nice empty black bit)
I was using 1.7 xface skin on mp1.0 and they where on the bottom right and fairly large, now i updated to mp 1.0.2 and xface 1.8 and to the latest tvseries build and now my logo's are top left and are smaller and is obscuring the page title "TVSERIES" and even some of the "UNWATCHED" title, its only a small little thing but if i could get it back to bottom right how it used to be i would be sooo happy :)

So does anyone have any idea's how i'd go about fixing this?


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