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January 19, 2017
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Ive been using VLC media player for years and i decided its time to find something a bit more visually....awesome. Also something that will organize my collections.

There are a few functions i want to keep, some of the core abilities of VLC. Like, normalizing audio levels. Like in action movies where dialog is whisper low and action scenes are break all the windows loud. I would very much like to watch a movie at 3am without waking the rest of the house.

Or being able to change aspect ration, or use subtitles. Also, vlc can open and play any media file i throw at it. Which is kinda nice.

Also, it kinda needs to be able to see my folder structures. I tried another media center and it wanted me to split all my movies away from tv shows and tv shows in there own folder.

Like i have buffy the vampire slayer the original movie and tv series and angel in its own folder. Its one collection, why split it up? It wanted me to split it up.
Or terminator i had the movies and 2 seasons in the same folder. I keep collections together. There collections!

So, is this the software im looking for? Im running out of options. What can media portal do and what cant it do?

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