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February 7, 2013
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Hi All

I'm considering switching away from WMC. I'm running Windows7 with 2 HomeRunHD's (4 tuners total), OTA ATSC only (no cable card). I'm currently using Win7 x64 (connected by Denon 4311CI to Pioneer Kuro 50" Plasma and 9.1 surround sound--soon to be 9.2). I still think WMC DVR is the best I've ever used.

For those of you that have made the switch, would you recommend it? Keeping the WAF high is paramount.

Anything you're missing or anything way better?

I use it for watching/recording TV mostly, but I do have a large collection of ripped movies too (currenlty using MediaBrowser for that, but not too happy with it and they seem to have lost the plot with the upcoming v3). I use TMT3 for BD ISO playback, but planning to rip to full quality MKV with HDAudio (where applicable - had great success with Pavtube ByteCopy). My plan would be to start with all the TV recording/playbac on current WMC PC and movies on my unRAID NAS that I'm just building. I'd like to eventually get recorded TV onto NAS and watch from multiple locations.

Any thoughts appreciated



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