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April 29, 2009
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Hi looking to come back from xbmc and was wondering how to go about playing my hd backups that are in .iso files.

In xbmc all i had to do was add a couple of lines of script and it would fire up arcsoft TMT and disable the internal player then play the movie fine, is such an option available with Mp?



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April 11, 2011
I'm in the process of sorting my system out now. You can set MP to use an external player. I use TMT ,moving pictures plugin and AnyDVd. It automounts the iso and plays Blurays / dvd's perfectly.

....but looks like TMT6 no longer supports HD-DVD. Well it wasn't working on the couple of iso's I tried last night.


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  • January 21, 2007
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    Bringing this up again after a long failed search ...

    Mediaportal 1.10, MovingPictures Plugin and AnyDVD HD. Blurays (iso and folder) play fine. HD DVD not at all. Get an error message 'unable to play: discid' for .iso.

    Any way to play it in MP or should I convert to MKV?

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