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I have now reproduced this a number of times. I schedule a long recording (>6 hrs), after ca 5.5 hrs (varies) I cannot watch live TV anymore as if all my tuners are lost (both the channel that is being recorded as well as any other channel, I have 2 tuners). Symptom: black screen, HDD in heavy use. When I last reproduced this, the recording stopped after ca 5.5 hrs (MP indicated that it was still recording), today the recording seemed fine but I could watch no live TV.
The problem remains after a system reboot, the only way out is to restore an image that was taken before the recording started.
There is plenty of space on the HDD.
Many thanks in advance for looking into this!

Steps to Reproduce:
schedule a long recording (>6 hrs), whilst recording is ongoing try to watch any channel (including the one that is being recorded)


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    Hello KieMC

    I don't think the tuners themselves are lost, because I can see your attempt to tune the channel at about 6pm on 16/04.
    The tune attempt is successful...

    From the start of your recording I see almost constant continuity errors in your TsWriter log files. Something to do with the subtitle/teletext PID for that particular channel.

    Your HDD is clearly under heavy load... and that is the reason why you are unable to start live TV.

    As for the reason for the continuity errors... not 100% sure, but I don't think they are real errors. Probably there is something peculiar about that particular channel that you were recording.

    Can you supply a TS dump for that channel?



    Hi mm,

    sorry, I only noticed your answer now. Have dumped as suggested, filename is uk_freeview_11758_S_itv4_FTA.ts

    many thanks,

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