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December 19, 2005
I have searched on this and found a few posts but nothing that helped me.

I am running the latest release of Media Portal on my laptop (AMD64 3000 with nvidia geforce 4 440 go graphics) linked to the TV via s-vhs in clone mode.

When I first setup media portal and hooked up to my TV through the s-vhs cable everything worked great. Videos played perfectly on the tv etc. But since rebooting the system I am having Macrovison problems when playing videos. Basically I get the sound but only a blank screen on the TV (the video plays fine on the laptop). I realise xp can block s-vhs output for copyrightt reasons but as I've stated, they were playing fine on the tv before rebooting the first time. Is there any workaround for this or anything anyone can suggest? Being a laptop I cannot change my graphics card for one with a different output method.


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