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December 26, 2017
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This weekend i did delayed updates, which haven't gone as smoothly as hoped. ;) This was to the Win10 Creators update, and to MP 1.18.
Running on Intel HD 5500. Up to this point, things have been generally problem free. Now:

1) Black screen that a lot of people are hitting. I guess it's just wait on MSFT/Intel to get things sorted out.

and, my main question:

2) MediaPortal using a ton of processing (specifically GPU) sitting on the main menu. Default Titan theme. Wasn't a problem previously.

Playing media/watching TV is fine. By leaving it on the main menu and quickly the fans spin up and the device is getting warn. Not workable - now I'm shutting down the MP process when not in use. Leaving it running hot most of the time not a great idea.

Anybody else seen this and have any hints/solutions? Is a 1.18->1.17 downgrade relatively painful if I wanted to check that option?
Worried it may be another symptom of #1 and will have to wait for fixes.

Cheers - j

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