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August 28, 2012
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I've hit some problems with a new install and can't get seem to find a fix anywhere.

After some playing around, my setup is:

Windows 7 64bit pc
Installed ForetheRecord as standalone server (includes MP Client 1.3 I believe)
Installed Media Portal 1.2.3 Client Only
Amped MP Skin
Spedlink SL-6399 remoe mapped using Sendens KeyBoard and preconfigured remote file for Speedlink

(I did have MediaPortal server and client installed first before I uninstalled it AFTER installing FortheRecord as a server. Upon which I did a new install of MP Client.)

After configuring and enabling the FTR MP plugin I have some issues at main TV navigation screen. I was getting errors re: missing xml files, so I manually copied the skins from a MP back up I had made before I unintsalled it first time round. This fixed the errors but the installation still aint quite right.

As you can see from the attachment a lot of the action buttons have no text. So I installed latest version of Amped to see if this might solve the problem, again no joy. All the navigation buttons work even without the text EXCEPT for the channels list. Any time I select a channel from the channel list, I am returned to the main TV navigation/menu screen. This also happens if I use the program up and down keys. So pretty much have to use EPG to select and change channels. Can anyone advise me how to fix what I have...I'd rather not do another install and start from scratch again.

Any help much appreciated.


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    Could you post logs?
    Maybe some translation strings are missing...


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    August 28, 2012
    United States of America United States of America
    Sorted. Just needed a reinstall of 4TR Server AND Client. I had only installed 4TR Server and then MP Client separately (doh!)!

    Thread closed. Cheers

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