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March 6, 2007
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Please help, this is driving me mad!

I have a load of tv series saved on my HTPC at home, but i dont have access to the internet at home. I have a dummy MP setup at work, where i connect to and retreive all the series information, then take the database and thumbs home with me.

when i use my tvseries plugin at home, it sees the downloaded database when i enter configuration, but i cant manually assign a video file to each episode in the database! I have .VOB video files set up in video extensions and TVSeries imports the .VOB files, but when i try to perform a manual episode entry, it shows me the list of series in my saved database, but no episodes appear when i click on them.


I absolutely love the look of MyTVSeries, but i cant use it at the moment because of this problem. Surely this should be a standard option in the plugin to be able to manually tell TVSeries where to look for each file??


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