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December 15, 2005
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I'm probably not the first one to ask this, but does anyone know if any of the X10 Remote plug-ins work properly with a Marmitek X10 Remote control? I'm really getting frustrated because MP runs great, just my remote doesn't :cry:

thanks in advance,


EDIT: Ok got it working with this little tool, it works well with Marmitek X10 Remote Controls. If you've got any further questions on how I got my Remote Control working IN MP, pm me!


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July 16, 2005
Thats great, i google-ed my ass of finding a small nifty program capable of capturing the marmitek remote signals and translate them to keyboard strokes. After days of searching i ended up with the "mouseremote" software from Marmitek itself, this isn't bad as it works the same as this program (i think it even has better button-program support as you can use the SHIFT and ALT combinations). The mouseremote software popup with a picture of the remote (GUI) when you start it, you first have to minimalise it yourself. The shortcut was placed in the startup group, but then after every startup you will have the GUI on screen. Maybe someone else know how to start it as minimalised. So thanks a lot for this one, as it works almost the same but starts minimalised.

As i discovered in my search, all the software of the X10 remotes work all with the same drivers/capture executable (c:\Program Files\Common Files\X10\Common\X10nets.exe)

They all use that exe file (look at your taskmanager). So if we can only figure out how to use it in our own program, than we can write our own plugin. I know for sure that exe file only captures the remote button pressed and fires up an event. There must be a SDK kit out there as i saw it a couple of times but al links were dead.

So as you found better software as i in so much shorter time, maybe you can give it a "search" if you like. Then we can write a plugin. I don't have many C# experience but programmed a lot in VB and PHP and i am a fast learner. Why not give it a try.

Thanks again

EDIT: Oh BTW, can you send me your config file pleasethats faster for me :) I will send you a PM with my email, thanks.

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