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November 23, 2005
This is either a Hardware or a Software Issue, depending on the Answers I get, so I couldn't really decide with forum is the way to go:)

I installes MCE 2005 and have a MCE Remote.
I disabled the three MCE Services (I know I didn't need to anymore, but I really don't need MCE, so no Risk taking there...)
The Remote is working fine, and with MPhook (or MPTray) running, the green Button takes me to the Home Screen...but here is my dilemma:
MP won't start using the green Button. With MPhook running, MCE won't start either, like it's supposed to, but I need MP to start.

As a workaround I tryd to let MP start by putting a DVD into the drive (I usually don't have a Keyboard on my HTPC) an assigning the Autoplay action to open MP, but all I get is a Error messsage from MP, followd by a crash.

Any Idea or Solution for on of these Issues?

P.S. Please excuse my English :)


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December 7, 2004
United Kingdom
ehtray.exe must be running for MCE to start from the green button.

Assuming you are using mptray, since this it the one you are best using, you should have it in the same folder as your mediaportal.exe. If it doesn't work please terminate all instances of mptray and start it from a command prompt as follows:

mptray /log

and report back the content of mptray.log.

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