MCE remote XP home HIP buttons not working

Discussion in 'Remotes' started by dziubelis, March 21, 2012.

  1. dziubelis

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    January 21, 2011
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    Running Windows XP Home, SP3 + Updated. I have HP MCE remote (p/n 438584-001), drivers instelled (eHome Infrared Receiver).
    Globaly I can control Volume, Numerics work, Enter, ESC, Back, Mute, Power, probably and most others, cause ShowKey v2.0 returns at least AppCmd.

    I edited the registry, not sure if I really needed to, since few buttons worked even without editing or HIP. It just was chaotic, one press would record as if I was holding the key, and lets say scroll indefinetly. Within HIP, the remote is mapped according table from here.

    I have ticked in MP configuration to use MCE remote, didn't remap enything. MP will not start with Start button (Tray thingy running). Within MP I have only Arrows, Numerics, Enter (not OK), Back. Volume and Mute works, but its due to being global.
    Most essential ones - Play Pause Stop, Next Prew, FF, Rev do not work, along with the rest.

    I know a solution would be simply remap remote within HIP especialy for MP, using keyboard shortcuts. P for paly, B for Stop, etc. But there are no keybord shortcuts for Music, Video, Picture. Or are there?

    I did search forum, but HIP is not very common around here. And some threads even state that its not possible to install a remote under WinXP Home, which is not true.

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  3. Lardy

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    April 16, 2007
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    I have MP running on Windows XP Pro with SP3 with HIP My remote is different, it is model 1039, version 2 as seen here - so this post may be of no help to you.

    My notes from my install:

    • Installation file – HipInstallComplete_3.0.2.12.exe
      • Select MCE IR Plug-In
      • Deselect Girder Plug-In
    • Launch HIP from Start Menu
      • Next
      • Select Input Device: MCE Interface (HipMCE.dll)
      • Next>Next>Next>Next>Next
      • Add application: C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\MediaPortal.exe
      • Next>Save configuration as 'mediaportal'
    • Human Interface Programmer launches automatically
      • File>Preferences
        • System Settings tab
          • Check 'Automatically Load on System Startup
        • Alternate Input tab>Add Value
        • Press 'PC' button twice
        • Enter Values manually
          • Description: Close-Start MediaPortal
          • Primary Command: EXECLOSE1
          • Secondary Command: EXE1
        • Delete all other values
    • Right-click systray icon and select '1. MediaPortal'
    I have set the 'TV' button to power on my HTPC using the 'Learning Functionality' - see manual which can be downloaded here - and assigned the 'PC' button to close/start MediaPortal as you can see above.
  4. dziubelis

    dziubelis Portal Member

    January 21, 2011
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    I see.
    So I actually had to delete the default MCE commands. That is within HIP Start button is now assigned to start the MP. MP tray thingy is kinda obsolete in this case.
    I guess I'll just assign keyboard shortacts.

    Any ideas about shortcuts for plugins, like OnlineVideo, TV-Series, MovingPictures?
  5. michelangelo

    michelangelo Portal Member

    September 13, 2010
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    Theres a MP extension that allows you to map keys, I think its called MyKeys...

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