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February 18, 2005
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While adapting the mce skin, specific the TVOSD, I noticed some strange behaviour. My target is to include the plot (or content) tag from the normal OSD screen in the zap OSD.
If I copy the control code for Plot from TVOSD.xml to tvZAPOSD.xml, I'm able to see the plot. However:
-It frequently (but not all the times) shows the plot of the channel I leave in stead of enter. All other control, On TV Now etc. are updated fine, so I do not understand what's going wrong. Anyone aware of issues concerning the refresh of the plot control here?
-The whole OSD seems to refresh incomplete. If I zap from a channel with a plot "unknown" or some short string, the previous shown plot is shown "under it", as if it is still present in some buffer or something.
As you may notice, I'm not very experienced in anything graphical whatsoever, but if anyone who does has any idea's which causes this behaviour, I'd be glad to hear.

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