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February 9, 2007
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hey everybody....

i dont know where to post my Problem thats why i post it in gerneral.

i wrote an application in for controlling all the lights in the house. i am using eventghost to run the application by using the red btton on my mce remote. me.topmost = true puts it in foreground and with the direction keys i can choose the light which i want to turn on or off.

and heres my Problem. i was cloning my installation to all the Clients over the last years. some time, due to some codec Problems, i decided to built up everything new. after installing everything i coped my light Software and started it.
it comes to foreground but it doesnt get Focus. means it doesnt react to the direction keys anymore.
i was trying Setting Focus in eventghost, enabling / disabling hid...... i even dont remember everything i was trying. i decided to use the old installation again.
the curious Thing is: last Weekend i changed the living room Client to an i5. after installing Windows, mediaportal and all the worked! then i put it in the living room. installed some other programs like total media theatre, and the imon soundgrpah Drivers.....same Problem again. Software starts...Comes to foreground....and if i press any direction button i see mediaportal still reacting in bachground.
i am using 2 remote Receivers. imon only for turning the Client on via Hardware button. the rest is done by mse usb Receiver. i was thinking hat maybe the 2 remote Receivers could be the reason....but it is stil working i my old installation.

i slowly get the Feeling that its a bug in my old installation and that it shouldnt even work, but does due to maybe some strange Driver constallation. i remember i was experimentating a lot when i set up the System years ir Suite...alternative mce remote Drivers.

any ideas?

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