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November 18, 2005
MP Version: 1.3
Skin: MCE
Windows Version: windows xp sp2
CPU Type: amd 2500+
Memory: 1gig
Motherboard Chipset: asus a7n8x nforce2
Video Card: ati 9800pro
Video Card Driver: latest
Video Codec Type & Version: nvidia
Audio Codec Type & Version: nvidia
TV Card: happuarage pvr150
TV Card Type: software / hardware / DVB

I'm not using the chaintech drivers. I downloaded the VIA ENVY drivers instead.
I'm having problems getting foobar2000 to work. It will not work unless I have Enable High - sample rate (96khz) checked in the sound card setup. Even then it dosent always work. When it does work, I can't leave the My Music section with out the audio stoping. So I can't use foobar and navagate to My Weather or anything else with out the sound stoping. Should the Enable High-sample rate (96khz) have to be checked? If not, what setting might I have wrong? If using an external player in Media Portal, am I not able to navigate away from the My Music section with out the music stopping? My goal is to be able to play bit perfect audio and is the reason I'm not using WMP. Thanks for any help.


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  • April 7, 2005
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    Do you have something like a DVD Audio for such source material?

    Sorry, as I only own normal CD-A and DVD-9 I can't help you with foobar - maybe search the hydrogenaudio forums..


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    April 15, 2005
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    I don't have anything to help you right away, but I'm also using foobar2000 to play my music through a Chaintech av710. I'm using Kernel Streaming in foobar and I have no problems at all. The music doesn't stop when I exit the music section. I know it doesn't help, but at least I can say that it should work. I can probably check a few settings for you during the weekend and get back to you.

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