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June 4, 2018
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I've been trying to get media portal 2 working fully all week.

I have twenty seven different TV shows all saved in the same folder.

Media portal has no problem finding and adding nineteen of them to series.

But the other eight don't appear anywhere inside MP.

Some of the ignored files are mp4, some are mkv.

It has no problem finding and playing the other mkv and mp4 format files it did find, though.

Also, out of 67 movies, MP only adds 59.

Any idea why some of them wouldn't be found? They're all located no more than three folders deep on the drive so it's not like they're behind some 700 character file path. I don't see why some folders seem to be getting ignored?
(when I added the media folder, I added the root folder of course. I.e. I added 'TV Shows' which contains all the folders for the shows and 'Movies' which contains all the movies in a single folder)


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June 4, 2018
United States of America United States of America
Okay I lied, they all appear in the "browse media" section of MP but only some show in the series or movies category. So any way I can tag them myself so they are recognized?


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    Please have a look at the Wiki for instructions how to ensure correct recognition of your movies and series. See 2.3.2 here

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