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December 10, 2009
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Hello all,

I'm quite new here, my name is Giovanni and I'm from Italy.
I'm an happy user of MediaPortal for almost two years now, I absolutely love it; tried WMC, MythTV, XMBC before, but no one served me so well as MP does.
I have a fileserver installed in a closet, composed by a Via EK10000G motherboard and two 1TB drives; the server feed my HTPC (a Pentium E2180 machine) connected to my TV.
The server worked fine up to now, but is showing now its limits.
My wife bought an Android handy, and my daughter has an android tablet; both of them cannot play HD video, so my film collection on the server is not accessible by them.

Moreover, the server is connected to my HiFi rig, runs foobar2000 as a UPNP server+renderer so I can play my music directly from it to the HiFi; unfortunately the quality is not up the top.

With this premise, I decided I need a new server, so I picekd up a new motherboardfor cheap from a friend, a E35M1-M with a fusion dual core CPU.

What I have in mind is to setup an UPNP/DLNA server that can stream downscaled video to my android terminals, DLNA feed my TV with HD video, and play music via an optical cable and a SPDIF codec (which I'm building right now).

The audio part is clear and easy; instead, I'm stuck on the video part.

Here comes my question:

How can I setup a DLNA vide oserver which can recognize the device connected and feed it the right video?
I mean, I would like to have a server which will feed a differently transcoded video file for each terminal will connect to it:
1. My wife's handy: 320x240 pixels, AVI or MKV
2. My personal handy: 800x480 pixels, AVI or MKV
3. My dayghter's tablet: 1024x768 pixels, AVI or MKV
4. My TV: imagre size not changed, transoded in AVI format (to be sure my TV can digest them)

Any idea?
Which software could I use?
I would prefer Windows, cause I'm really happy with foobar2000, and don't want to change it.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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