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April 5, 2012
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First of all thank you for Mediaportal, it's a great software that helped me over these years to watch tv, movies, tv shows in every room of my house.

In few months I will move to another town, and I think it's time to organize my new media system.

At the moment I've go a "centralized" system with only a Windows 7 64bit client with installed MP. This pc is my fileserver, my torrent server and, obviously, my media server.

It has a tv-server that use a Cinergy PCI card to acquire dvb-t signals that are streamed to my main tv hrough HDMI and to the others tv with an hdmi to scart converter (I've made all this to avoid to change all my analogic TVs...:whistle: )

Now i want to redefine my system so I kinldy ask your help:

do you suggest me to use the same configuration or move to a NAS + Extended Atom Client in the others rooms?

Infact I actually think that a 24/7 working pc is a bit expensive...isn't it?

Moreover MP can be installed into a Microsoft Windows Server machine (so I can reach my server from remote using vpn+webserver deleting Teamviewer..)?

If the "one server to rule them all" configuation will be the best avaible it's possible to watch 2 differents channels on two different monitors (with some virtualization I suppose)?
Infact I have also an unused Pinnacle USB tv tuner and that I hope can allow me to watch Discovery Channel while my girlfriend is watching a reality!!

Thank you in advance

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