Mediaportal 1.3.0. Final - problem with Minidisplay (display of the Russian symbols) (1 Viewer)


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January 27, 2010
I did russification (code conversion), for simple two lower case displays working through LPT port. Perfectly I worked at old versions of a portal, to 1.1.0...
A week ago, it decided to be updated. And - the problem, part of the Russian symbols on LCDдисплее are brought to versions 1.3.0 by question marks - i.e. the coding isn't understood. Minidisplay and LCDdriver built in a portal tried to replace on old from version 1.0.2 - exchanged nothing. The conclusion means Minidisplay isn't guilty... I assume that the portal incorrectly gives the Russian symbols on a conclusion... How to treat yet I don't know, who can will prompt?


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