MediaPortal 1.4.0 hangs on initializing DirectX after cold start (1 Viewer)


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  • January 20, 2009
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    Hi folks,

    Last week I upgraded my 1.3.0 Mediaportal to 1.4.0. Since then I have the following problem:
    - after a cold start (reboot/power cycle) Mediaportal (autostart configured) hangs on "initializing DirectX";
    - after I killed the Mediaportal process (taskmanager), I can manually start Mediaportal without problems and it runs fine;
    - no problems on resume after standby;
    - I tried a startup delay up to 60 seconds to see there was a dependency with Windows background task that were not started yet, but a startup delay doesn't fix the problem;
    - When I kill the Mediaportal process, I can see a Windows message on the screen that says: a direct3d object could not be created. However, this infobox disappears immediate after Mediaportal stops.

    I attached my loggins.


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