MediaPortal 1.7.1 can't play any TV recordings

Discussion in 'General Support' started by Dark Eyes, April 16, 2015.

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    Since 1.7.1, I have had tried all the new releases, but each time I have a problem with MediaPortal being unresponsive after resuming from sleep
    Each time I have reinstalled 1.7.1 and it has worked as before, however, after trying 1.11 and then reinstalling 1.7.1. it won't play any TV recordings for more than 5 seconds before a Windows pop up window saying 'MediaPortal has stopped working' and it closes it down. Videos play fine for the first time, but then the second video tried, or a restart of the first video causes it to produce the 'unable to play' message.
    It happens with both MPEG2 & H264/AVC files. TV recordings are Freeview HD & SD.

    I have recorded the problem using Watchdog option 1, log files attached, although I notice that MediaPortal-Error.log is empty. Recreating the problem normally without using Watchdog I get a populated MediaPortal-Error.log which has as it last entries has multiple logs of 'Exception while creating DShow graph' - I have attached this log separately.

    I hope these help somebody to explain what might be causing the problem, as it is very frustrating, especially for the less technical members of the family.

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    Windows application event log says:
    c0000005 is an access violation exception. The faulting module name is unknown, so the problem could be anything from a bad driver, to bad MP code... a lot of things. It is hard to help further than that without attaching a debugger.

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    I can confirm the same feeling of MM and also i'm not sure 1.7.1 is NET4 (i don't remember when we switch to it but maybe it is).
    So it can be related to MP filter from 1.7.1 was not register correctly and the 1.11 was used for example.

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