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  • May 16, 2008
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    The MP2 team is proud to present the final release version of MediaPortal 2.1
    MediaPortal 2.1 is a full-blown media center software that addresses the most common user requirements out of the box. Besides its TV and Radio services it is also offering a complete media management for movies, series and music, including posters, album and fan art as well as additional metadata (e.g. actor, director and much more) that are automatically downloaded from the internet. MediaPortal 2.1 also provides access to online video sources such as Amazon Prime. Integrated news, weather information and management for your digital images complete this software package.

    The modern client/server architecture in combination with the central database greatly simplifies the use and management of the system. New clients can easily be added to the environment and connected to the MediaPortal 2 Server for immediate use.

    A series of different skins allows customization of MediaPortal 2.1's look & feel to your individual likes. The choices of skins and their respective themes is continuously expanded:

    A specially designed WMC skin addresses the needs of former Windows Media Center users. This skin with its two themes Default and Dark offers the same experience that you were used to while providing additional features that make it even better than Windows Media Center.

    The revamped BlueVision skin and its themes Default, Win10, Titanium Extended and Grey offer additional display options that allow adjusting the look of MediaPortal 2.1 to your personal preferences:

    Titanium Extended


    MediaPortal can handle TV channels from satellite, cable, as well as DVB-T/T2 and IP streams. It includes an electronic program guide (EPG), recording scheduling and recording management. Logos for your TV channels are automatically retrieved and added to your TV database.

    Media Management
    All kind of media (movie, series, audio, videos, etc.) are automatically scraped. Respective online information (descriptions, covers, posters, fanart, artists, etc.) is downloaded and added to the central database. Users can define which online sources to use and what kind of data to download.
    Local fanarts and descriptions from NFO files are also supported. Data can later be enriched with online information if desired.

    Filter and Sorting settings that are available in all screens allow the definition of individual views for every kind of media. Different views can be set for each hierarchical level (e.g. Series/Season/Episode).

    Localized language information will be used to retrieve Movie and Series data from Online sources. However, the originallanguage will be used If files don't contain any local language audio stream. For example a movie that holds only French language streams will be displayed with its French title and summary even if the local language is English.

    Information is either read from tagged file data and/or downloaded from online sources. The integrated player displays album and track information together with fanart in combination with a dynamic equalizer visualization.

    Movie information is imported including title, summary and other data such as director, character and actor.

    TV series data (including actors and characters) are automatically retrieved from TheTvDb.

    Video Streaming Services
    MediaPortal 2.1 supports online video replay through its inbuilt OnlineVideo services. A big number of online sources is predefined, among which YouTube and Amazon Prime.

    MediaPortal 2.1's functionality can be further extended through the installation of additional plugins. The choice of extensions, while currently limited, is steadily growing. Discover what else is available in our Featured Plugins section.

    Full list of changes
    You can review all changes by taking a look at the different changelogs: MediaPortal 2.1 Final, MediaPortal 2.1 Pre2 and MediaPortal 2.1 Pre.

    For known issues please check out our Jira and our Bug Reports Forum.


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    I think this is fantastic progress but is there any progress on TVE 3.5 which I believe will improve support for people using DVB-S so we can get proper channel numbering support etc?

    I use DJBlu's modified MP1 and always have to wait for someone to hopefully build a modified installer so we can keep up to date, @Brownard did it last time and I'm hoping he can do it for 1.16 as well.

    The TV Server that comes with MP2 prevents me from using it, and I know it was possible to workaround it using MPExtended but that provides limited functionalilty.

    Would love to start using MP2 across my families HTPC's.


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    Awesome well done team. Looks really good. My wish list for next plugin/feature is trailer support (automatic download trailers like in mp1 and ability to stream a trailer if it hasn't been downloaded yet).

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    How are music videos handled in MP2, do they have seperate plug or is the funcionality built in. if so is randomisation of music videos available
    The complete media management is integrated in MP2, no additional plugins for music are necessary. What is randomisation of music videos? Do you mean a shuffle play mode?


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    In MP1 we have mvcentral which does a great job of getting info on the Music video. in MP2 ican add my Music videos as a folder but the info returned is just about the video size and format no info on artis etc. Yeah i mean a shuffle mode


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    As it is listed as "final" does this mean this release is not a test release/build/preview? If so I assume development of MediaPortal 1 be stopping?


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    I currently use MediaPortal2, file version A few months ago, I carefully set up all the channels and set up XmlTv to populate the program guide. It took me at least two hours to complete this configuration, and I would hate to have to do it all over again.

    I find the documentation on upgrading to the new version cryptic. I have a few questions:
    1. Do I have to manually uninstall the currently installed version before I install the new one?
    2. Will I lose all my channel settings and the XmlTv plugin configuration when I upgrade?
    3. What is the easiest way upgrade with minimal reconfiguration of everything?
    4. Do I need XmlTv plugin anymore, or will the new version's EPG replace XmlTv's functionality?
    I'm looking forward to a more turnkey experience that this upgraded version will supposedly provide. But what i need to do to install the upgrade itself is not obvious.


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    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. You will need to redo your share definitions and reimport data, fan art, etc.
    4. Nothing has changed regarding EPG. Nonetheless we recommend to take a look at @Lehmden's EPG Buddy.

    All in all the new version is such a big step forward that we recommend to take the hassle and go through a complete media reconfiguration. TV is migrated.

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