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Important notes:
These development snapshots of MediaPortal 2 are compiled automatically, every 2nd week on friday. They are not pre-tested, so please take a backup from time to time. If you'd like the bleeding edge code and don't mind the inherent risks, upgrade to the snapshot releases as they become available. If stability is important to you, you might want to stay with the fully tested releases.​
What's contained:
In the snapshot builds there are some more plugins contained to allow easy testing of new features and best way for error reporting:​
  • OneTrueError is contained and enabled. See our ::Blog:: for details. If you don't like to run this plugin, delete the "1TrueError" folder after installation from MP2-Client\Plugins and MP2-Server\Plugins.
  • SlimTV Native (TVE35): The TVE35 features are still under heavy development, so there will probably be problems. But we like to get as much testing feedback as possible. For users of MPExtended provider, please backup the related plugins and exchange them after installation.
What's not contained:
  • OnlineVideos plugin is not developed under main MediaPortal repository and is only contained in "big" public releases. If you like to use it with this snapshot, restore the MP2-Client\Plugins\OnlineVideos folder from your backup after installation.
Report Issues / Bugs:
  1. Before you start a bugreport, make sure that you system meets the ::Requirements::
  2. After you checked the requirements, take a look at our ::Bugtracker::, to find out if your issue has allready been reported.
  3. If the problem is not known yet, please have a look at the correct Bugreport forum.
    • Issues with MediaPortal have to be reported in the MediaPortal 2 Bugreport forums. Make sure you follow the Guideline, or the thread will be deleted.
Change log: How to install MediaPortal 2 development snapshots in short:
  1. If you have installed MediaPortal 2 already, it's recommended to make a backup of your installed version and configuration
  2. Run the snapshot installer
  3. Hopefully enjoy the new version
  4. If not, restore your old files and you will have the former version back.
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    I got the jist of it from Google Translate and double checked the taglib DLL is installed where it's supposed to be.

    Slightly off-topic the startup image is still 10AE Update 1. Could we have the MP2 logo back with "Weekly Dev Snapshot" underneath?

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