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    @MrTechno, thanks a lot at first (y)
    I have only one question. Will there be also ItemDescriptions for Albums, Series, Saisons? I couldn't find it in FanArtBackgroundModel:

    I put all the news from aspect wrappers in an overview. I need it for me to keep the overview during skinning :) But maybe it is also helpful for somebody else.
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    EDIT: Sorry, question No. 2: Is there no rating for a series?
    For the VideoAspect I miss following:
    • Attr_SubtitleLanguages (Unclear for me, how Forced and Complete subtitles can be differenced -> I think not possible, if there are 3 english subtitles, it should be considered only as "one" english on CP screen. I plan to place flags for audio and subttitle tracks)
    Attr_AudioBitRate is referring to first audio stream?
    Attr_Width gave strange outputs for me "NdN" instad of a value. Acutally the video I tried has 1200 width.

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