MediaPortal and judder: could SLI and/or dual displays be the cause?

Discussion in 'General Support' started by FireAza, March 7, 2012.

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    Is anyone aware of SLI and/or using dual displays causing judder issues with Media Portal? I've always had issues with judder in MP, but a lot of that was helped by enabling dynamic refresh rate, checking the "reset on resume" option and using a hardware-accelerated h.264 codec (LAV, DXVA). But, I'm still getting a little bit of judder here and there, as well as the occasional dropped frames according to the "shift+1" graph. It's usually a low number, but shoulden't this be 0? I've also got this weird issue where some videos cause MP to drop frame like mad when using certain h.264 codecs, but that's probably an issue for another time. I would think that my hardware would be more than powerful enough to handle playing the videos (2x GTX 570s, 12GB RAM, Intel core i7 X980), even with the upscale filters I'm using on SD and non-full HD videos (if you think these might be the cause, I can post what settings I'm using).

    I could swear that whether SLI is enabled and which graphics card my TV is plugged into effect how juddery it is, but so far, I haven't found a setup that works the best. You would think turning SLI off and plugging the TV into a card all of it's own would be best, but I haven't found that to be the case (and in some cases, this introduces the mad frame dropping I mentioned earlier). I'm also unsure if using dual monitors might be the cause of the issue. I'm kinda thinking that since one monitor is marked as "primary" it gets more resources focused on it than the secondary monitor.

    It's also possible that the judder is part of the source video, but I would have hoped the person who ripped it would know what he was doing :\

    So, is anyone aware of SLI/dual monitors causing issues with MP? Or is something else going on here? In that case, I'll post my specs, logs, etc, but for the time being it seems pointless to gather up all that information when right now I'm just after the answer to one question: does SLI and/or dual displays cause issues in MediaPortal?
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    I can't comment on SLI, but I have a dual setup in our bedroom, with MP on the secondary display on the bedroom LCD from my desktop. It just never seems as smooth as watching in the lounge on the dedicated HTPC despite being on a GF 560ti. I'd always assumed either a) bedroom telly is rubbish b) all the other crap installed on my desktop interferes to cause the occasional judder.

    In my case I think it was the TV, as although it supports 24p; it doesn't handle it correctly having googled it some more. So I fiddled with the dynamic refesh rate change to make 23.976 change the display to 50hz same as PAL stuff, and whilst not as smooth as 24p working properly on my Sony KDL-4500W; its much better and more watchable (never noticed panning judder on 23.976hz material before I had it working properly - now I always notice it when its not working!). Of course it depends on the type of material you are watching.

    I've been using LAV with CUVID enabled.

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