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Mike Osborne

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January 31, 2013

I have a question regarding installing the 1.3 beta. I downloaded the 1.3 setup file and everything seems to have installled correctly. I am particularly interested in the USALS developmental feature.

After the initial install, I fired up the server configuration program and was happy to see all my cards listed, plus some other virtual devices which I will play around with later. On the opening screen the software says that it is version 1.2.200, although I double checked that I downloaded the 1.3 beta. When I go to the device screen and click the Desq box as instructed I do not see a USALS(gotox) option. I only see dish nudging and limit options. I can not find anyplace to input my location.

So my question is: do I have the correct beta or am I doing something wrong in trying to get to the motor control features. All help is much appreciated.

[Here are the specs on my hardware:
ASROCK Z77 series MB, I3 processor, 8Gb ram, 1.3Tb HDs (1tb + 300Gb). Running Win8, Win7, Ubuntu 12.10, MythTV, and XBMC. The Win7 has DVBViewer for the DVBSKY S2 dual tuner installed. Also installed is a FusionHDTV7. Both cards work with OEM software. Also have an Openbox S9 satellite box. The Sat Dish is a 1m with a Stab HH120 motor. Currently the Sat is pointing at Galaxy 19 for test purposes.]


Mike Osborne

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January 31, 2013
Thanks for the feedback.
I uninstalled the beta then installed 1.2.3 followed by the beta on top of it.

I still do not see any place to input the USALS position. Here are the steps I followed - I start the server config program, then select services - [my computer] - device card - DisEqc Motor tab. Then hit check box for the motor. The options I have are to select the satellite and transponders, a "Goto" button, dish moving buttons (up/down/right/left/stop), reset button, go to start button, store button, step box, limit check box, signal level bars.

I think the "Goto" button would allow me to set my lat/long but instead it says moving to satetillite position 1 (or 0 as the case maybe).

Upon first use, there was a statement that said position "unknown" and when I hit the "Goto" button I would get a popup which states that no position is set. This changes if I hit the store button. Then the "unknown" text changes to position X (0 or 1).

The store button just stores the location of the currently selected satellite it appears. I have Galaxy 19 selected at the moment.

The goto start button doesn't seem to do anything.

The program sees both my DVBSky S952 dual S2 (same as Mystique Dual S2) card and the FusionHDTV7 cards. However, I get no TV signal on the FusionHDTV7 cards either.

Any suggestions on what to try. I have tried unloading other services, thinking they may have monopolized the devices, but so far that doesn't seem to make a difference. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate, but perhaps I am using a mismatch dll somewhere? The behavior does not seem to match the install description.


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    If you read the links above you will find that the official MP builds don't support USALS, but there is an area51 mod that allows you to use USALS, this modification hasn't made it into the official builds yet.
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