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February 28, 2008
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Since a few days I have a strange problem with MP. The thing is that every time I exit MP from fullscreen or return from sleep mode with MP on before, my taskbar (the bottom bar on the desktop, with the start button), is gone. To solve this I have to restart my explorer.exe process, which is quite annoying to do every single time.

What could be causing this?

Logs can be found here:


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May 3, 2008
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I've a related problem.

If I have MP 1.1 installed on ANY machine (from 3) (all brand new installs of the OS and MP) it always causes the machine to be unable to logoff/shutdown using the Start button or Alt-F4. Basically if I click on Start the machine sorta hangs. Only a kill and restart of Explorer.exe will fix.

Machine is 100% fine without MP. Hence my conclusion that MP has some bad interaction with Explorer.exe

Any ideas?

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