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May 8, 2012
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Next up on my never ending list of niggles to get a robust HTPC is the following....

I have an iMON VFD and have configured the iMON Manager to work with an MCE remote (really a Logitech Harmony simulating one). The remote is actually configured to be an MCE keyboard supporting both remote control buttons (e.g. stop, play etc) and also keyboard shortcuts (e.g win+1, alt-f4).

From a fresh boot, everything is working fine. However when I run the MediaPortal Configuration tool, the iMon Manager briefly goes yellow and I get the USB disconnection Duh-Duh noise and it turns blue again. After that, only the some of the remote control buttons work and the keyboard shortcuts and arrow buttons do not. The only way I have found to clear it is to log out of windows and log in again.

I don't have the MCE remote selected in the MediaPortal Configuration so what is it that this program does that could cause the problem?

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