MediaPortal crash after stop/end video (1 Viewer)


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August 1, 2010
Guimarães. European Capital of Culture 2012
Portugal Portugal
MediaPortal Version[1.1.2]:
MediaPortal Skin[MediaHome]:
Windows Version[Windows XP Home SP3]:

My problem is when I play videos on my HTPC with MediaPortal 1.1.2, after end or when stop the video, the MP crash. The screen image freeze and MediaPortal stop working.

But this occurred only when video is in fullscreen. I don`t know if this occur with other video formats, because I use mkv video files mostly.

By the way, I use a K-Lite Mega codec pack.

Has anyone the same problem or anyone can help me?



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July 4, 2010
Netherlands Netherlands
Really??? :eek: how did you fix it? just used another skin? because we are not using the same one.
I´m using streamedMP...

maybe it´s not the same problem after all :(

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