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March 4, 2017
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I have setup a mediaportal tv server together with file server, htpc and router at a single PC (windows 10)

This PC stays always on in order to have all the above available all the time.
So it is critical to minimize the power consumption.

As TV card I use a USB Avermedia ultra card and have enabled selective suspend to the usb controller

I noticed that when I reboot the PC , the usb tv card is at standby mode and consuming minimal power.
Once I use Mediaportal 1.20 to see TV the TV card does not ever again go to standby(low power state)
(even hours after stopping watching TV).
It seems that TV server never "releases" it .
The same happens with mediaportal version 1.19. I have not tested with previous versions.
I have disabled DVB EPG grabbing but it does not seem to help.

Any ideas?
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    Any ideas?
    A frequent cause is a wrongly configured EPG grabber that is working in endless cycles. You should grab EPG from only one channel, which is providing program information for its complete program bouquet. If you configured your grabber in such way that every channel is grabbing and storing, you probably have a situation where the preset max grab time is exceeded and therefore the EPG grabber never comes to an end.

    Switch off the complete grabbing to see if your PC is entering standy to confirm the hypothesis.

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