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  • April 27, 2004
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    its on the ToDo, but i do not think it will come to soon (not next release).



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    September 15, 2005
    PIP is useful when you have multiple tuners

    FlipGer said:
    its on the ToDo, but i do not think it will come to soon (not next release).
    This is great, I'm looking forward to it. I've never had a TV with PIP, since they're much more expensive than regular TVs.

    I think having PIP would help a lot in my case. I like to surf to other channels while a show I'm watching is on a commercial break. The trick is to know when to switch back once the show begins. I always end up missing a few minutes of the show or checking back too often. :)

    With PIP I'd be able to keep an eye on the commercials while surfing other channels.

    A very useful feature when you have multiple tuners. :wink:


    Re: Mediaportal is breaking the limits AND?

    frodo said:
    The Mediaportal team is pleased to annouce our first review of Mediaportal controlling 7-hauppauge tuners simultanously

    You can find the entire review with all details, screenshots,avi's etc here:

    fu... That is not Important for me. MediaPortal is to big in my Eyes.
    Mediaportal is to slow in my Eyes. MediaPortal can not work with my TV-Card. Why can the first version work with my Card? Why can't the current version detect my TV-Card??????? That is big shi... in my Eyes. Blablabla can work with 7-haupauge tuner. I need a Software that work fast and powerful.
    MediaPortal is a slow, big, unflexible Mamut. At this moment all TV-Tuner-Software are cheap and nasty compromises. The Software will big and bigger. Mediaportal is breaking the limits in bad slomo Software.
    I think I am the only People that think so. The last good Version for me is but i work much rather with the original Software from my V-Stream PCI Card. No working EPG but Fast. And the EPG from MediaPortal is verry faithless. The EPG Menu running in Slowmotion. OK i have a slow Athlon 64(2400 thru MHz) with 1MB Cache and 1GB Ram and Raid stripe Harddisk with 300GB. Is that to slow??? My Graphic Card is a ATI X800XT Platinum Edition. I think not the fastest Card but fast enough for TV-Streaming. Please make the Software slimmer and construct not every "idiotic" feature in the world in MediaPortal.
    MediaPortal looks nice. The first Beta looks nice enough for me.
    Good Work but not for me... ;o(


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    April 4, 2005
    Kentucky, US
    Why am I suddenly reminded of Peter Gabriel? ...oh yeah, that's "In Your Eyes"

    Anyway, please don't post things so useless to the community. Your complaints only reflect how little you know about MP.

    As you can see in my signature, my specs pale in comparison to yours. Yet somehow my system works beautifully. A little tweaking, forum searching, and effort can result in a very functional HTPC for those who try.

    I do hope that you give this great piece of software a chance before bashing it in the wrong thread. With your system, you could have a pretty sweet system and all of us here know that MP can be an incredibly powerful mediacenter if you set it up correctly.

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