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October 29, 2005
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i'm using media portal 0.2.0 with my Q-Sonic X10 Remote ( inputdevicemapper and the x10 plugin ).

i have chosen "media center classic" as external player because i have problems with my soundcard drivers where i get bluescreens if i use 16bit output samples over spdif. furthermore hdtv movies are running smoother an support for .ts is better.

my problem: i want tu use my remote in both programs.
i use uICE with media player classic, but when when media portal is running in the background the control with the remote is totally screwed up.

does anyone have a solution for me ( think the best would be that mediaportal stops the/all plugins and remotes if an external player is running).

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  • September 28, 2004
    Sorry to say but it wont work. You need to use something like a girder to control both MP and your external player. Unless someone write a output devicemapper plugin with mediaplyer classics support.

    I'm using also a x10 remote with inputdevicemapper . If you use internal players that is ok but external programs no way.


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