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January 13, 2006
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I am posting on this forum and the other to get people’s input on whether MediaPortal or XBMC is better suited for what I want to do. At this point I have tested neither, but have experience with the MCE XP setups that I use regularly as define below. I realize MP and XBMC are friendly cousins.

Thank you in advance for your constructive input.

I like the following functionality:

• Watch ripped movies on HTPC as well as stream to Xbox 360. Currently I can’t do the latter using VOB files. I also want to be able to automate movie management.
• Watch Internet TV (not doing it currently but have dabbled and see the attraction).
• Watch and Record TV, preferably with reliable commercial skip and
• Listen to music collection with optional visualizer and album art functions. I use it in a multi zone arrangement with non-line of sight RF Remote Control.

My systems:
HTPC 1 = Gateway GT5018E
• Added video card = Nvidia 6600 PC Express (GV-NX66256DP)
• TV = Zenith 50” Plasma HDTV
• Monitor = ACER 22” LCD (16:9) – set to clone at this time.
• Harmony 890 Pro for IR and RF remote control
• X-10 for lighting and audio zone control (using PUM01 universal modules)
• Analog tuner (mostly obsolete)

HTPC 2 = Homemade
• MoBo = Gigabyte K8NF-9 Socket-939 nForce4
• CPU = AMD X2 3800
• Memory = 1GB (2x512MB) Dual Channel PC3200 DDR 32x8
• Video = MSI NX6200TC-TD64ES (no fan)
• Hard Drives;
• Western Digital SATA 250GB, 16M Cache – WD2500KS
• Western Digital SATA 500GB, 16M Cache – WD5000AAKS
• Western Digital SATA 1TB, 16M Cache – WD10EACS
• Case = SilverStone SST-LC03-Black ATX case
• Power Supply = Seasonic S12-Rev2 SLi 600 W - 600HT-F3BLR (quite)
• Analog tuner (mostly obsolete)
• Monitor #1 = Gateway 17” LCD (4:3)
• Monitor #2 = Cornea 17” LCD (4:3) – set to Dualview at this time (plan to move to a HD projector on day)
• No Remote yet – probably will use iPod Touch and USB-UIRT since it seems likely to be a cheaper RF solution with other uses, as compared to the Harmony 890 Pro. I have played with IntelliPhone and this seems close but I would need custom buttons and Apple’s approval before I’d buy a iPod Touch or iPhone for my own use.

• MCE XP – Like it but biggest complaint; Will not stream VOB files to XBOX 360 (grrrr) which is stopping me from buying a couple more XBOX 360s.
• MyMovies 2.3– Love it – would like to automate the movie management and view VOBs on XBOX 360.
• iTunes w G-force visualizer – Like it but sometimes difficult to automate since not native MS.
• Intelliremote – Greatest program ever at a reasonable price – Used to customize remote control functionality.
• DVDFab Platinum Mobile – Hasn’t let me down but sure seems slow in some cases.


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February 19, 2008
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If you want to watch live TV and record then definately MediaPortal since XBMC doesn't support that right yet. It does trought some plugins but imo not good enough for everyday use..

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