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April 4, 2013
New Zealand New Zealand
Hello. I am having odd re-occurring issues with MediaPortal suddenly scheduling every show on every channel.
I reported this issue some months ago, along with logs.

It was suggested to me that some issue with the ehome IR receiver and IRserver Suite I am using to change channels on Set Top Box, could be the issue.
It was never really resolved at the time.
It was also mentioned at the time, that only one other user has seen similar behavior, and that he used a Logitech Harmony remote, as I do.

The issue is intermittent, but still persists. What I mean, is that it happens sometimes months apart.

In trying to eliminate this strange behavior, I have removed MCE ehome receiver, and am trying to use a different IR blasting means.
I have a Global cache iTach device, so have been experimenting with it and eventghost, which has a plugin for Globalcache.

I am trying to use irserver suite tv3 plugin in MediaPortal TVserver. to configure the STB plugin to run a batch script for each of the channel number 0 thru 9.
I have everything working in eventghost, and can also trigger the commands from the individual batch scripts on my PC, and they work and fire the IR commands.

However, I can not execute the same script from within the plugin configuration of the IR Server Suite TV3 plugin inside the TVserver configuration.
I take it is some permission issue?

I have a folder on my mediaportal server PC called 'IR Commands' and batch files called '0.bat' '1.bat' etc.
The batch files run the ir command defined in eventghost, in the format of 'eventghost -e main.sendIR0'
If I double click the above batch file, it runs and sends the IR code '0'

If I select this batch file in the tv3 preference configuration, and assign the '0' button to run the batch file'0.bat', it does not work.

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong, or a method of changing channels without IRserver Suite?


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April 4, 2013
New Zealand New Zealand
Answering my own posting here:

I have made a bit more progress with IRSS and GlobalCache iTach for IR blasting in TVserver.

For the life of me, I just could not get the IRSS TV3 MediaPortal TVserver plugin to run the batch files I created.

Instead, I installed a commercial macro software that I own. I created macros for digits 0 thru 9.
The macro program supports exporting the macro as a self executing playable macro.

I went into TVserver, and selected the IRSS TV3 plugin config.
I chose my particular tuner card that is my Set Top Box input.
I changed the 0-9 digits from my eHome receiver/blaster setup, to use 'program'. (so it runs those macros for each channel digit)
I configured each digit 1 thru 9 to use separate playable macro from 0-9.

In the TV3 configuration pane, I entered in a channel number 5, which the plugin sends as 3 digit 005 for my STB.
I pressed the 'Test' button in the configuration pane,and low and behold, it worked!, and fired of the 3 digit IR codes to my STB via the iTach device.

Okay,now I have a new issue. When I run MediaPortal, or Client, and select the STB channel in the guide, it now does not change channels at all.
Any idea why this is?

(grin) I made progress,but kinda went 1 step forward and two backwards.

thanks for your time..


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April 4, 2013
New Zealand New Zealand
Final update:

Further to my issue above.
I have made further progress in using alternate IR Blaster with IRSS TV3 TVserver plugin.

I have managed to finally get the iTach device and eventghost working with the TV3 TVserver plugin using executable instead of learned IR commands from eHome receiver.

Turns out that using the eventghost.exe in default mode does not work.
Instead, I had to configure eventghosts network receiver plugin. Then in TVserver TV3 plugin, insert command line parameter using eventhost.exe -n instead of eventghost -e. Doing this removes necessity of creating separate batch files, and can instead just reference the created commands in eventghost instead.

So, one of my issues is resolved.
I will now remove my eHome receiver from my configuration, and just use MediaPortal as per usual, and see if the weird scheduling issue occurs again.


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April 4, 2013
New Zealand New Zealand
Been experiencing this odd behaviour for a little while now, where MediaPortal goes into a scheduling frenzy, and I end up spending a lot of time deleting recorded and partially recorded shows from Recorded TV inside MediaPortal.

Over the months have tried to eliminate as many things as possible, but this keeps randomly occurring.
I saved logs immediately, before deleting all the schedules inside TVserver.

Original reported issue, resulted in comments regarding Logitech Harmony Elite remote control, which I do use.

HTPC running TVserver and MediaPortal on same machine.
Intel i7 3.5Ghz, 8GB ram, NVidia 1060
Hauppauge Colossus, Hauppauge HVR2200 DVB-T tuners, HVR3000 DVB-S tuners.
TV channels split between analog and Digital sources.

Analog sources via set top box, fed into Hauppauge Colossus via HDMI.
Analog STB channel changing via IRSS TV3 blaster plugin in TVserver.
(currently using Globalcache iTach to send IR commands) (Previously Microsoft eHome Receiver, now removed)

Two Kodi clients running on AppleTV's (MrMC), with MediaportalPVR plugins configured and working.
One Windows Kodi client running on same PC as TVserver.
One Kodi client running on Raspberry PI 3, with MediaportalPVR plugin configured and working.

Guide data is from XMLTV plugin in TVserver, sourced via 'epgCollector'

Usually schedule all recordings in local MediaPortal client on same PC as TVserver.
At odd times, might initiate a recording on remote client, of currently playing show by selectinig 'Record' button in Kodi client.
(but that is very rare)

In MediaPortal configuration, have remote settings of 'Enable HID', 'Use HID keyboard' with profile set to 'Full'

Harmony Elite remote controls remote functions via Bluetooth. ie. It treats remote functions as HID keyboard.
Previously I used eHome receiver and MCE remote.
(multiple schedules issue occurred using that remote as well, so don't think it is the remote causing this issue?)

Issue first started happening a couple of MP releases ago. Never had problems with earlier MP versions.
I tend to always install latest stable release.

Hoping the logs will indicate something, as when this happens, is a lot of work deleting all the schedules, and even more deleting all the shows.

Thanks for your time and effort.



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April 4, 2013
New Zealand New Zealand
Hello. This is a repost of another posting I made a month ago, that has had zero response.

For whatever reason, Mediaportal suddenly schedules every show on every channel to record.

It just happened again, about an hour a go. (about 5:32pm local time.) (here in NZ)
I created log files and will append to this email.
(also created logs about a month ago, so for system configuration, please look at my previous post)

This issue does not happen often, but when it does, it is really annoying, as you have to manually delete quite literally many thousands of schedules, and depending when I notice it, it can already have created many, many, many many (did I say many) recordings.

It has exhibited this behaviour for last few versions of MediaPortal. It 'NEVER' occurred on earlier versions of MediaPortal, and this is the most frustrating and confusing thing, as my core hardware has not changed.

Am really hoping someone can shed some light on this behaviour, or help identify the root cause.


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