MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot:-05-02-2008 18-58h - Revision:19010 (1 Viewer)


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March 26, 2007
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These Subversion-snaps are compiled automatically, every week on friday.
They are not pre-tested, so please use the backup option from time to time.
If you'd like the bleeding edge code and don't mind the inherent risks, upgrade to the snapshot releases as they become available.
If stability is important to you, you might want to stay with the fully-tested releases.​

Report Issues / Bugs:
  1. Before you start an bugreport, make sure that you system meets the ::requirements::
  2. After you checked the requirements, take a look at our ::Bugtracker::, to find out if your issue has allready been reported.
    Roadmap/Changelog: MediaPortal 1 - TV-Server - Installers
  3. If the Problem is not known yet, please have a look at the correct Bugreport forum.

How to install MediaPortal SVN-Snapshots in short:
  1. Install MediaPortal 1.0 RC1, not necessary if already done
  2. Run the Snapshot-Installer. You should create a backup.
  3. Run Configure. Sometimes the settings and database versions change from build to build, so you have to reconfigure your TV for example
  4. Hopefully enjoy the new version
  5. If not, restore your old files and you will have the former version back.



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March 26, 2007
Germany Germany

open issues:
- 0001190: [My Music Videos] MusicVideos added to playlist doesn't play - new.
- 0001192: [Skin Engine] Flickering Tv-guide and other overlays with EVR enabled - new.
- 0001270: [My TV / Recorded TV] B2Wide skin watching currently recorded program the OSD's red dot is placed wrong - new.
- 0001221: [My Videos] mkv fails to play if there are muxed subtitles - new.
- 0001156: [My TV / Recorded TV] ONLY .dvr-ms files recorded by MediaPortal can be played by MediaPortal - new.
- 0001205: [My TV / Full Screen] TeleText subtitles crash Mediaportal.exe - new.
- 0001206: [My TV / Full Screen] EVR issues - new.
- 0001273: [general] "Program not responding" in multiple cases under Vista (diehard2) - assigned.
- 0001247: [My TV / Recorded TV] hover icons are not hidden in video window (diehard2) - assigned.
- 0001240: [My TV / Home] White screen in TVHome (diehard2) - assigned.
- 0001210: [My TV / TVGuide] wrong videooverlay when dialog window opened (diehard2) - assigned.
- 0001045: [My Music] Music CoverArt flickes when visualization is active and MP in fullscreen. (Bavarian) - assigned.

closed issues:

- 0001217: [general] False errors in the log on standby (gemx) - resolved.
- 0001228: [My Videos] MyVideos uses codec configured in Televison for *.ts files (gemx) - resolved.
- 0001237: [general] Keyboard short cuts no longer work (rtv) - resolved.
- 0001196: [general] Bug in Navigating Directory Structure (Bavarian) - resolved.
- 0001278: [TV ZapOSD] BlueTwo: logo for TV Station is too small and not centered (chefkoch) - resolved.
- 0001261: [WebEPG] Z Tag Match / Value not working (James) - resolved.
- 0001260: [WebEPG] WebEPG Stops when there is a corrupt TimeZone entry in the registry (James) - resolved.
- 0001239: [general] Splashscreen becomes windowed with "Not Responding" Message (diehard2) - resolved.
- 0001211: [My TV / Search] overlapping text in MyTV/Search section (Bavarian) - resolved.
- 0001265: [My TV / Search] Search in MyTV doesn't work after a change in revision 18079 (Bavarian) - closed.
- 0001267: [Configuration] Search order for movie db's not taken into account before configuration it's re-started (gemx) - closed.
- 0001219: [GUI Wizard] Gui wizard doesn't skip TV part when TV Plugin it's installed (gemx) - closed.
- 0001220: [general] MediaPortal TestTool doesn't collect TV Server logs after path change (ronilse) - closed.
- 0001215: [general] MediaPortal crashes after clean installation if no MediaPortal.xml present (gemx) - closed.
- 0001092: [general] VISTA: Power-Off button on remote hibernates even when recording is active - closed.
- 0001194: [Home] Main menu is hard to use with mouse (Bavarian) - closed.
- 0001255: [My Videos] Built-In OFDB grabber is broken (gemx) - closed.
- 0001235: [Skin Engine] GUI rendering is not smooth as before (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001234: [My Videos] DVB subtitles arent working in the MyVideos plugin (Tourettes) - closed.
- 0001253: [My Mail] Remove unmaintained plugin (chefkoch) - closed.
- 0001279: [Audio player] Wrong handling of URLs ending with a slash (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001262: [My Settings] Settings in MediaPortal still have settings for old TV engine when TVPlugin it's installed (gemx) - closed.
- 0001272: [general] Disable MPTestTool startup for debugging sessions (hwahrmann) - closed.
- 0001256: [My Music] Trackcache for saved in MP root (rtv) - closed.
- 0001216: [general] Watcher process uses a wrong folder for integrity file (rtv) - closed.
- 0001230: [general] Wrong path writes redirected to VirtualStore (hwahrmann) - closed.

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This thread is open to everyone to provide feedback for this particular snapshot.
If you found or confirm a bug please still open a single thread with full details in the related Bugsection. See first post for details.

For those of our users that experience the date/time bug which causes analog tv to stop working:
A bug has been found in you can download a new one from here or on Sourceforge (just stop TV Server & replace the in root folder to TV Server & then start it again).


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April 27, 2006
it's still crashing on scan in tvserver with any of flydvb trio bda, skystar2 bda and skystar2 wdm, tried on different machines, scanning hotbird 13.0 dvb-s


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    succo & the crash/error message says(maybe attach logs & system specs to your post for reference or bug tracing)?



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    March 9, 2008
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    Same as in last snapshot: Mediaportal is still not in focus after starting (fullscreen).


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  • July 19, 2005
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    mironicus, & what OS do you use(no system specs in your post) since this it's not working?



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    March 9, 2008
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    Vista x64. I reported about this issue (and other users too) in the last snapshot thread (side 5).

    After installing the snapshot and starting Mediaportal the main screen is not in focus (so MP won't react to the remote signals). After pressing "Home" on my MCE remote it is in focus again. This bug maybe caused by the "Splashscreen becomes windowed with "Not Responding" Message" - fix.

    If you have selected "Always on top" in Configuration then its fine. However I don't want to use this feature (bad sideeffects in Vista - going back to Desktop for a second if you load a video or starting a visualization in MyMusic).


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    April 26, 2006
    San Sebastian
    Same as in last snapshot: Mediaportal is still not in focus after starting (fullscreen).
    Same problem here, After starting MP I can see the task bar.. I think is after the change "mediaportal startup screen show "no responce" "Fixed splash screen occasionally displays "not responding" on Vista" build 18886

    only way to fix is yo use "MpFocus"...

    I'm using windows Vista


    No logs because I have check them and there is no error..


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    February 1, 2007
    Sweden Sweden

    There is still several bugs.
    I reported long time ago that svn 18530 is the last working for scanning dvb-c.
    Still the same problem.

    It is not possible to right click and edit a channel if it is first or last in the list in "TV Channels".
    It works only in the original "channel" tab, not the one you make by yourself in "TV Groups".

    If you record a program and want to watch it before it it is finnished it will not start. Worked erlier but I don't know when. It works in 18530. It seems to work if I try just after recording begins, but if I wait a while it will not work.

    When using a mouse to control the TV channel groups the small arrows just move away from focus. Nearly impossible to hit them.

    If I make an export of all my channels it will be saved in the tvserver folder as export.xml. If I then shose to update my tvserver to next svn I will be adviced to uninstall the erlier version. OK, I do that and all files in the tvserver folder deletes, INCLUDING the export.xml :mad: :mad: :mad:
    Please fix this.

    But keep on rocking, this program can be very good in a while.

    / Tony

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