MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot:-06-07-2008 02-05h - Revision:19311.rar (1 Viewer)


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December 12, 2005
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Sorry, I forgot to configure the card as hybrid. But the results are the same. Here are the new logs...


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  • December 5, 2004
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    TV plugin bug

    I know... I was warned.
    Just installed this SVN. Analog Radio is working (with glitches as reported before). TV is not working anymore.
    On TV server stream is started, but this does not show up in MP: not via RTSP neither via network drive.
    When connecting to the same stream via VLC I get the works: both sound and display.

    logs attached.

    Unfortunately this is for me a no/go so I also reverted back to previous snapshot.

    When fiddling with VLC I also noticed that when I started on MP a radio station (analog) and connect to that stream via VLC, I get the sound of the radio station but also video (last TV station tuned into). just wondering if this is supposed to work like this or not (never tried this in a previous version).

    kind regards,


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  • July 19, 2005
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    All, as already said analog cards it's not working so why posting bugs about it?????
    Bram & Ruud have missing PTS in your logs indicating analog use with TsReader & thats a NO GO with the current SVN, if you need this revision to work, copy back a old to MP root folder for singleseat & TV Server root folder for server only, when this will be fixed I have no idea of now ;)



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    August 27, 2007
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    Cheers Ambass, i didn't read the comments before installing :doh:

    Hmm, overwriting doesn't fix it. I have only sound and no image? Rolling back to an older svn doesn't work either :|


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  • March 16, 2008
    Lawrence, KS
    United States of America United States of America
    after the distraction of azimeks 's post, back on topic, in TV Server setup, if I may, here are a couple of ideas for several small tweaks for future builds/SVN's...

    1) In the channel tab, have it sort the channels by number correctly currently it will go by first number so you get something like 1,10,11,200,33,4 instead of 1,4,10,11,33,200

    2) in the same place, if you rename the channel without double clicking to bring up the full channel properties, the rename does not get saved and is lost whenever you navigate away from TV Channel settings (same for radio channels)

    3) In the dialog for setting an ATSC/QAM channel, have a box for the PmtPID attribute. In trying to add a couple of missed QAM channels, I discovered in tweaking the XML channel output that this is a critical field for channel tuning, and it would be much easier to modify from the GUI dialog (missed channel verified several verified to be 256 Clear QAM as it tunes in GBPVR, frequency 319250.

    Awesome job on all the progress! I can see that 1.0 is just around the corner!


    PS Anyone else having problems correctly tuning channels on the 319250 256QAM frequency? (I'm using the HVR-1600 card if that makes a difference)


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    February 5, 2008
    i have a bug, when i installed Mediaportal with this svn. i got an error that SetupTv is not working. i only can scan but i cannot preview the channel. also when i go to MyTv i cannot even watch any of it. Before i use this SVN, i can watch any channel.


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  • January 7, 2005
    The moment, W2K8´s Hyper-V will be able to utilise PCI cards in virtual machines I will be able to install a client OS just for MP TV Server and still use a server OS on my real server but in the meantime I either have to stay with W2K3 (which works with MP TV Server most of the time) or use something like Vista x64 for a server ... not very nice and not possible if I need special server services from that OS.
    Correct direction would be to ask Microsoft nicely to provide all the directshow related updates for the server OSes. MP team cannot do anything about that.

    PS. Almost half of this SVN version thread's posts seem to be non SVN version in anyway, they are just general ranting about MP. Users, please keep SVN threads free about the nagging etc. If you feel like you need to do some bashing or venting how MP spoils your relation with your wife / girlfriend PLEASE open a new thread on the subject so it will not clutter up the threads what are used to improve the MP.

    I'm starting to get sick on the rants on SVN threads, they are just hindering the bug fixing when you have to read thru all of the non-sense to get the real bug... and now I'm ranting in a SVN thread...

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