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August 7, 2007
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only analogue users seeing this issue here ?


Since this SVN i can't view a current recording from live point.
This occurs on a single TV card configuration.

Starting MP while server is recording.
TV Home menu,
- TV On --> Unable to start timeshifting, No free card available.
- TV-Streams, selecting the recording stream --> Unable to start timeshifting, No free card available.
- Channel, selecting the current recording channel (Nice thumb says its recording!) --> Unable to start timeshifting, No free card available.
- TV Guide, selecting the current recording channel, play recording from live point --> Unable to start timeshifting, No free card available. (play recording from beginning is ok!)

Found no other reports of it so far.
Perhaps it’s a result from the change in revision 19426 i have found in the SVN changelog.

Revision 19426 - Directory Listing
Modified Thu Jun 19 11:40:15 2008 UTC (6 days, 10 hours ago) by gibman_dk
Instead of stopping playback of TV to present user with a "channel could not be tuned. no free cards", then instead I have changed the tvplugin so that it asks the server first about the availability of the channel/card.

If it reports back the card as not avail. b/c of some rec. etc, then the client gets the "no free card", but the old channel is still on in the backfground.
I think there's no need for an other card if i want to view live the same channel which is also being recorded.

Can someone confirm my findings?

Logs attached.

Have to say that MP TV become much more stable since recent SVN's, good job.:D

I'm not sure! I think I get the same problem with DVB-S, I would have to check again... But I'm not using a supported DVB-S setup so my test might not be valid...


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  • June 1, 2008
    Netherlands Netherlands
    TV keeps crashing...


    When watching TV (HD or nromal) the system keeps crashing. I included the log files. Hope you can help me with this.

    Greetz, Niels


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    November 23, 2007
    Canada Canada
    I did an upgrade to 19453 from a previous RC1 SVN install (not a clean install) and left my MySQL database in tact. Now I can't change the "Wait for scrambled" and "Wait for timeshifting" timeouts in TVServer configuration. They're just stuck at 30s. Anyone else have this problem?

    the max value is now 30sec, min is 1sec. So you should be able to lower it but not to raise...

    Thanks for clarifying. What's the reasoning behind limiting it to 30 seconds?


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  • January 7, 2005

    When watching TV (HD or nromal) the system keeps crashing. I included the log files. Hope you can help me with this.
    If you get system level crashes then its either broken hardware or faulty drivers that are causing it. When the crash happens do you get any info or is it just a reboot?


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  • November 24, 2007
    Italy, North West
    Italy Italy
    in the imdb search in "my movies" I've two file in folder:

    "The andromeda strain.mkv" (the original '70 film )

    "The andromeda strain (2008).mkv" (the miniseries tv remake)

    when I choose "The andromeda strain (2008)" from imdb its related image is selected for both items and delete the first one.

    This is not related to this svn I guess.

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