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April 6, 2008
Netherlands Netherlands
Scheduled recordings turnup empty.

Hi Guys,

It now happend a couple of times, when i schedule a recording the recording is not correct.
it happend with this and previous SVN 19376.

Once i had that 3 programs that where scheduled to start at the same time where intermixed, Although one programme was recorded oke, the two others where not because 1 one recorded twice , so i ended up having one of the recordings that was recorded having 1 file with his own correct name and and 1 file had the name of the other program whitch was eventually not recorded.
To say again i'am realy sorry to not have these logs at hand. :rolleyes:

Because i see most of these recordings days to weeks later i never bothered to check any logs, only this time it's a recording of the same evening.

This time i recorded ''Bionic Woman" Only to find out that the .ts file is 0 Bytes and empty.

Because its the same evening of the recording i this time did look and save the logs, because its not really clear to me what had happend i thought i post them here, hoping a developer does know what's happening. ;)

So it's "Bionic Woman" Recording started at 20:25 on Thursdays June 10th

It's This SVN, and i have Windows XP Media Center SP3, and 2 FloppyDTV with latest Firmware.

Keep up the incredibble work on MP.



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November 17, 2006
Netherlands Netherlands
hi guys,

I think i found a sql related problem. For an unknown reason the tvserver messes the database up.
If this happend i can't start neighter livetv nor the epg. Instead an error message comes up saying "Timeshift konnte nicht gestarted werde" (Unable to start timeshifting).

The MySQL admin show a broken table (take a look at the first picture).
The second and the third picture shows how to fix this problem and get the tv back working.

I had this problem just a time ago, already. It was the same table effected. Sadly I don't know how to reproduce this. If you have any suggestions let me know about it.:D


I just noticed that i don't use the latest svn build. My version is mediaportal-svn-05-31-2008--14-18-Rev19228. So if this was already reported, or if there were changes in the "database code" sincen then, just delet my post :sorry:
Thanks mate, this solved my problem! I've been searching for hours why I was getting the error 'unable to start timeshift - unknown error occured'. Dropping the tvlibrary database using mysql command line fixed the problem.

FYI, I am using TVE3 that is packaged with the RC1 installer (+ MySQL 5). Aside from the fact that I really consider displaying 'unknown error occured' as one of the most bad practices in software engineering, there was also no detailed error in the logs. I really considered going back to TVE2, but the download was cleverly removed from the download section -_- Fortunately it works again and the meaning of 'unknown error' is clear to me now. Maybe it happens when a transaction fails during hibernation?

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