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June 30, 2008
It just hangs on startup for me. I cannot make it work for the life of me. I have to restart my computer every time I try this.


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  • December 14, 2007
    Canada Canada
    This SVN has been pretty unstable for me. Found another problem. When I schedule a recording, it records but the tuner doesn't seem to unlock and the TVServer setup app shows it's still recording. My tvclients obviously can't tune anything and I have to stop/start the service. I've scheduled a new recording and will post the logs when it ends. So my current bugs with this SVN:

    1. Won't scan all channels and crashes when scanning - chemelli told me the timeouts have been increased to fix this for next svn
    2. Won't tune certain channels - this problem happened since RC1 actually
    3. Recordings don't unlock tuner after recording (PEBCAK - my mistake)

    UPDATE: #3 was my mistake. I'm recording to remote shares and installer automatically starts TVService under System priveleges. Running TVService under Administrator priveleges fixed this.


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  • October 26, 2005
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    XmlTv importer does not import programs anymore

    After remapping the channels, imports work again. - Solved.


    When I click on the import button o the TV Server Configuration - Plugins - XmlTv page, the import status reports shows:
    - Last import run at: <last import date and time>
    - Total channels imported: 63
    - Total programs imported: 0

    This used to work until recently (at least until MP version

    I am using a tvguide.lst file, which contains two xml file paths.

    Channel mappings look correct, tv.log shows nothing special, xmltv files seem correct as well (cf. attachments).



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    June 16, 2008
    I get no picture just Audio using NiVida Pure Video Codecs in TV Mode
    doesnt happen on old SVNs

    Windows Vista Home Premium SP1
    NiVidia GeForce 7300LE
    NiVidia Pure Video Codecs


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    February 1, 2007
    Russian Federation Russian Federation
    The minimizing is gone after I deactivated VMR9 exclusive mode!
    Thank You!
    This was in all version which use VMR9 exclusive mode.


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  • April 20, 2008
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    To gibman:

    The last update from me 2day.
    Get new tvplugin from initial thread.
    My first fix didnt have an effect.

    svn log;

    Fixed 2 bugs caused by the channel state icon toggleable feature.
    1) probably fixed mini EPG guide channels not showing.
    2) mini EPG guide - current channel not selected

    3) changed the way some GUI states were handled. instead of setting them on the process thread which is run in a thread, instead we now set them in the playbackstarted and stopped events. should lower cpu usage in tvhome.
    another update;
    4) fixed mini EPG guide channels not showing when going to windowed mode.

    u can toggle the presence of those channel state icons in mini epg channel list.
    mp config - tv client

    some like them, some dont.

    Okay now it works great! Just one tiny thing that differs when I have the icons enabled and when I don't: when I have stat icons enabled the "X" in the right corner of the dialog seems to zoom-out a little bit when the dialog is displayed this doesn't happen when show stat icons is disabled but this could be by design because it have to load more graphics when the icons are shown? I don't know?? Anyway thanks for fixing! (Please note that I never had any problems that the channels were not showing at all just the focus issue)

    To tourettes:

    Revision: 19478
    Author: tourettes_
    Date: 19:13:19, den 25 juni 2008
    Reverted wait cursor when zapping

    - not discussed / voted before
    - doesn't work (not animating)
    - causes ugly user experience on single seat systems when changing channels (on fast channel changes there shouldn't be any additional graphics shown to the end user)
    - should be implemented with using an extra thread so that the wait cursor would be visible only after some delay (only on slow zapping)
    Modified : /trunk/TvEngine3/TVLibrary/TvPlugin/TvPlugin/TVHome.cs

    Thank you for removing this, I also found it very ugly!

    Keep up the good work!


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  • December 24, 2007
    Netherlands Netherlands
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    Still no mini epg on the clients

    Hi, after copying the new tvplugin.dll I have my mini epg working on the server side (multiseat), but not on the client side. I have four clients, three running vista home edition servicepack I and one running XP prof. service pack III. Whatever the settings I don get a stationlist in the mini epg. Normal epg is working although I have thirst to select under settings-tv-sort channels the right channellist.

    Other flaws reported by others are not present.

    Someone an idea ?

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