MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot:-07-11-2008 10-18h - Revision:19603.rar (1 Viewer)


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  • October 21, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    Hi All!

    Using this SVN i get the following problem:

    Tuning to Eurosport HD causes TVService to crash. All other HD channels seems to work fine!

    Should I open a seperate bug report thread for this, or is it sufficient to report it here?

    What i do to "generate the problem":
    Open MediaPortal
    Go to TV Guide
    Select Eurosport HD and "view this channel"

    Pang - I now get a message saying that the connection to TV service was lost!

    I have to start tv service again manually, then I can start MP and watch all other channels...

    I'm on FloppyDTV S2 using Canal Digital as provider (Sweden).

    My setup:
    TV-Server Version: 1.0 RC1 - Latest svn
    MediaPortal Version: RC1 - Latest svn
    MediaPortal Skin: XFACE
    Windows Version: Vista Ultimate 32bit - Latest hotfixes, but no SP
    CPU Type: Dual Core
    HDD: Seagate baracuda 750GB SATA
    Memory: 4GB (3237MB)
    Video Card: Club3D Radeon HD2600XT
    Video Card Driver: 8.476.0.0
    Sound Card: Creative SB X-FI
    Sound Card AC3: Creative SB X-FI
    Sound Card Driver:
    1. TV Card: FloppyDTV
    1. TV Card Type: DVB-C
    1. TV Card Driver: FloppyDTV
    2. TV Card: DBV-T
    MPEG2 Video Codec: Cyberlink Video/SP Decoder (PDP7)
    MPEG2 Audio Codec: Microsoft MPEG1/DD Audio Decoder
    h.264 Video Codec: Cyberlink H.264/AVC Decoder (PDP7)/ ATI
    Satelite/CableTV Provider: Canal Digital / Boxer
    TV: Pioneer PDP 5080XD
    TV - HTPC Connection: HDMI


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    September 4, 2007
    Croatia Croatia
    Only one thing so far..
    Picture from tv become very blurry when there is allot light in scene.. Dark an medium light scene is normal sharp..

    It is not happening always.. Very noticeable in commercials with computer generated picture..

    I am using dscaler5 as mpeg codec.


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    July 13, 2008
    Germany Germany
    I'am a newbie in using MP. After I installed the RC1-Version the Weather-Modul did't work and so I tryed out a snapshot. With Revision 19311 everything worked fine. So I had a look to the other snapshots. I learned that all snapshots later then the 19311 ditn't show a videopicture on my MediaPC. I can hear the Sound, but the screen is black. When I reinstall the 19311 erverything works fine again (without any changes in the configuration).
    Does somebody know what is new since the snapshot 19376? Am I the only one with this problem?

    Hoping for help
    It would be helpful if you:

    1.) Fill out the system specs so that they are shown with your profile.
    2.) Attach Logfiles generated with the MP testtool.

    Otherwise it would be hard to tell you anything.

    I followed Your advice.

    Thank you for reading!


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  • January 23, 2008
    South Central Wisconsin
    United States of America United States of America
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    I'm having so much fun (sorry for the sarcasm)

    Everything works wonderfully..... except, although I get all my channels in , but it's hit and miss. I can start MP on one channel, full screen. but to change channels is a trick. I have to be creative with the Guide. I bring up the guide. select a new channel, wait... when I get the "cannot begin timeshifting" message - I select "no" to return to the guide, then I hit ok on the remote again and sometimes the new channel will start. or I wait until another error message pops up, "cannot find signal" (or something like that), I go back to the guide and hit ok again, then the channel usually starts then. Almost every channel change happens this way. I don't understand....

    I just did a clean re-install of MP and the current SVN, And re-scanned all my channels. I'm using MPV and MPA as codecs. I didn't try anything else, just tried to watch TV.

    Now the wife has control of the TV for the next few hours... so I can't test anything to collect logs til she goes to bed.



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  • October 21, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    Debugging/MemoryDump - MediaPortal Wiki Documentation

    Try to get the reason for the crash with those instructions.
    II have looked at the debug instructions, and can probably fix this right away, but I need your help reading the provided log files (the files I have already attached from MP/TVServer), so that I know which component to debug... Any help?

    Also, do I really have to install ffdshow? I'm bit nervous about installing to many codecs on my htpc...


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  • August 7, 2007
    Finland Finland
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    Hello everyone.
    due to windows reinstallation, I now tried TV-server once again:
    It runs smooth, but if I use .ts format the aspect ratio cannot be adjusted matching to the given ratio of the film. That can be corrected by using .mpeg format, so there is no real problem with that.

    This night I recorded two films, but I checked this morning and found no sound on both recordings. No errors occured, no crash happened, everything worked out fine.

    Does anybody else meet this problem, or is it already an already reported bug and I didn't see it?

    In last case be forgiving. If not: Any idea?:confused:
    0001268: .mpg recordings doesn't have sound if more then one it's recorded @ time - MediaPortal Bugtracker


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  • May 14, 2008
    Germany Germany
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    I've a KNC One DVB-C Card and in the log i always get:
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.430 KNCBDA_CI_Enable
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.430 knc card detected without CAM
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.430 knc not detected. releasing library
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.446 TechnoTrend:loaded ttBdaDrvApi_Dll.dll
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.446 Releasing TechnoTrend library
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.649 analyzer: reset
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.649 cagrabber: reset
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.649 epg: reset
    15-07-2008 22:24:16.649 epg:ResetEPG()

    is this correct? Or is it not detected correctly?

    I've massive problems to connect to Prosieben log:
    2008-07-15 22:24:18.711889 [7]: Controller: epg stop
    2008-07-15 22:24:18.743139 [7]: Controller: epg start
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.821264 [7]: Controller: StartTimeShifting ProSieben 351
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.836889 [7]: Controller: find free card for channel ProSieben
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.852514 [7]: Controller:   got 1 tuning details for ProSieben
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.868139 [7]: Controller:   channel #1 DVBC:tv:Digital Free ProSieben Freq:330000 ONID:61441 TSID:10008 SID:53621 PMT:65 FTA:False LCN:10000 SymbolRate:6900 Modulation:Mod256Qam 
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.868139 [7]: Controller:    card:1 type:RadioWebStream is disabled
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.883764 [7]: Controller:    card:2 type:DvbC is available priority:2 #users:0 same transponder:False
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.899389 [7]: Controller:    card:3 type:DvbC is available priority:-99 #users:1 same transponder:False
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.915014 [7]: Controller: found 2 available
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.915014 [7]: card: CardTune 2 ProSieben setuptv:2:-1
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.915014 [7]: card: Tune 2 to ProSieben
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.915014 [7]: card: user: setuptv:2:-1 tune DVBC:tv:Digital Free ProSieben Freq:330000 ONID:61441 TSID:10008 SID:53621 PMT:65 FTA:False LCN:10000 SymbolRate:6900 Modulation:Mod256Qam
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: dvbc: Tune:DVBC:tv:Digital Free ProSieben Freq:330000 ONID:61441 TSID:10008 SID:53621 PMT:65 FTA:False LCN:10000 SymbolRate:6900 Modulation:Mod256Qam
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: dvb:Submiting tunerequest Channel:ProSieben subChannel:-1 
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: dvb:Getting new subchannel
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: dvb:GetNewSubChannel:0 #0
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: dvb:Submit tunerequest size:1 new:0
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: subch:0 OnBeforeTune
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: dvb:Submit tunerequest calling put_TuneRequest
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: dvb:Submit tunerequest done calling put_TuneRequest
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: subch:0 OnAfterTune
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: subch:0 OnGraphStart
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: subch0:RunGraph
    2008-07-15 22:24:36.977514 [7]: dvb:  RunGraph
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.680639 [7]: subch:0 OnGraphStart
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.680639 [7]: subch:0 RunGraph: already running
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.680639 [7]: subch:0 SetupPmtGrabber:pid 65 sid:D175
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.680639 [7]: subch:0 set pmt grabber pmt:65 sid:D175
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.680639 [7]: subch:0 set ca grabber 
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.680639 [7]: subch:0 wait for pmt 65
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.711889 [7]: subch:0 wait for pmt 65
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.743139 [7]: subch:0 wait for pmt 65
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.774389 [7]: subch:0 wait for pmt 65
    2008-07-15 22:24:37.805639 [7]: subch:0 wait for pmt 65
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.680639 [7]: card: tuned user: setuptv subchannel: 0
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.680639 [7]: user:setuptv add
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.680639 [7]: card: Tuner locked: True
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.680639 [7]: **************************************************
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.696264 [7]: ***** SIGNAL LEVEL: 0, SIGNAL QUALITY: 0 *****
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.696264 [7]: **************************************************
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.696264 [7]: card2:setuptv 2 0
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.696264 [7]: Controller: setuptv 2 0
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.696264 [7]: control2:setuptv 2 0
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.711889 [7]: Controller: delete timeshift files C:\VID.TIME\live2-0.ts
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.743139 [7]: card: StartTimeShifting 2 C:\VID.TIME\live2-0.ts 
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.743139 [7]: card: WaitForUnScrambledSignal
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.743139 [7]: card:   return not scrambled
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.743139 [7]: subch:0 SetTimeShiftFileName no pmt received. Timeshifting failed
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.758764 [7]: card: remove user:setuptv sub:0
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.758764 [7]: user:setuptv remove
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.758764 [7]: card: free subchannel sub:0
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.758764 [7]: tvcard:FreeSubChannel:1 #0
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.758764 [7]: analog subch:0 Decompose()
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.758764 [7]: tvcard:FreeAllSubChannels:
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.758764 [7]: dvb:StopGraph
    2008-07-15 22:24:53.758764 [7]: tvcard:FreeAllSubChannels:

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