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  • September 18, 2004
    Germany Germany
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    When switching channels on my DVB-T tuner, graph and timeshift cannot be started.
    i can choose between back to the previous channel or ending tv.

    DVB-T driver is the latest from Hauppauge Computer Works GmbH website

    oops, seems that the driver integrated in the wintv package is a more recent one, which seems to be more stable


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    February 8, 2007
    just tryed this new version and it does seem better changing channels but i still get no signal error when i first tune into channel
    so if i tune into bbc 1 and it works i can tune other channels but more that not i just get no signal
    scanning for channels seems better and mostly works but sometimes transponders that i know have channels get no signal error


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  • May 22, 2008
    Denmark Denmark

    I have problems a problem with IP TV. I am using the build in support. There is no problem streaming live tv from an IP TV tuner (no stuttering).

    I start to record an IP TV channel (even not while watching live tv) - wait until it is finished recording. Then go to recorded tv and start playing the recorded program. The stream stutters really much (not watchable).

    If I do the same with a channel on my DVB-T card - there is no problems.

    Is there a known problem recording from the IP TV tuner.



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  • August 14, 2007
    United States of America United States of America
    I hate sounding ungrateful because I really do appreciate all the work that goes in to this but do you guys think you could get someone to update the public SVN? It's two releases behind now which is causing me some problems testing plugins.



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  • March 4, 2008
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    From last thread of SVN I got the impressin that 2 people are able to do that, RTV and..xxxx. Probably both of them are on a holliday now.


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  • January 30, 2008
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    Hi Devs, hi community!

    With this SVN it seems, that import of recordings doesn't wor! If i click the import button nothing happens! Changing the recording folder or mapping to another station doesn't has some effect!

    Best regards



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  • June 3, 2006
    Australia Australia
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    Same problem here... can't test 1.1.0 Alpha... SVN out of date..

    After intense testing of this SVN I want to give the developers a very big :D for what they achieved up to now.
    This version is extremely stable, channel switching is fast, and channels are tuned in even if signal strength is weak, avoiding in many cases the "timeshift could not be started - no signal" message.
    For me the new functions like fadelabel wrap and enhanced shadow options are more then welcome.
    :D again, devs ;)
    How are you guys testing this ???? The TVClient in this SVN is out of date.. i keep getting error that the versions do not match


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  • November 1, 2006
    Cape Town
    South Africa South Africa
    How are you guys testing this ???? The TVClient in this SVN is out of date.. i keep getting error that the versions do not match
    You must have had an installation problem because I don't get this problem....

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