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March 26, 2007
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These Subversion-snaps are compiled at about 01.00h (CET).
You can also visit the official irc-channel (#mediaportal) to get a notice when its ready for download. The trigger !svn gives you the latest update too.
They are not pre-tested, so please use the backup option from time to time.
If you'd like the bleeding edge code and don't mind the inherent risks, upgrade to the snapshot releases as they become available.
If stability is important to you, you might want to stay with the fully-tested releases.

How to install MediaPortal SVN-Snapshots in short:
1) Install MediaPortal RC1, not necessary if already done
2) install .NET Framework Version 2.0
3) Run the Snapshot-Installer. You should create a backup.
4) Run Configure. Sometimes the settings and database versions change from build to build, so you have to reconfigure your TV for example
5) Hopefully enjoy the new version
6) If not, restore your old files and you will have the former version back.

Important notice: The backup function wont work for Vista atm, here you need to save your configuration manually. A rewrite is planned but will take some more time for testing.



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March 26, 2007
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Changelog since last snapshot:

SetupTV 21/08/2007 [09:54:21] gemx added: Resolved mantis issue 0001097: Option to disable the merge "same channels" function when scanning, because it causes trouble up North ;)
TvServer 21/08/2007 [10:26:14] Maschine added: Fixed: old episodes didn't get deleted from disk when using episodes management for series recordings.
SetupTV 21/08/2007 [17:25:47] gemx added: Fixed mantis issue 0001005: Selecting a channel/radio station by pressing a letter on the keyboard is not working in TV Channels/Radio Stations
Core 21/08/2007 [17:44:43] gemx added: 0001027: TVClientPlugin is not using codec settings from cvonfiguration -" Television
SetupTV 21/08/2007 [18:52:15] gemx added: added "rename by SID" and "Add SID in front of name" to radio channels section
TvPlugin 21/08/2007 [20:31:34] gemx added: Fixed mantis issue 0001095: "record" icon does not dissapear when deleting a "once" schedule in "MyTV -" Search"
mediaportal 21/08/2007 [20:55:27] gibman added: support for skinchanger plugin action enums.
BlueTwo: 21/08/2007 [22:06:46] mirk_ added: Fixed back buttons not working correctly in wizard_general.xml, wizard_remote_control.xml, wizard_tvcards_detected.xml.
Configuration 21/08/2007 [22:30:20] Koudijs added: Added donate link. Thanks to Glenn for the MePo image.

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This thread is open to everyone to provide feedback for this particular snapshot.
If you found or confirm a bug please still open a single thread with full details in the Bugsection


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May 15, 2006
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hi... just installed latest svn but timeshifting is geryed out in config. why is that?
no problem when turning on inside MP

Is that a bug?


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  • August 17, 2007
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    After latest SVN Build it seems that the configuration does not quit exactly.
    After Close the Configuration Dialog in the Task Manager i see the Configuration.exe!

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